Potash Rich (250ml)

-Organic Fertilizers

  • POTASH RICH is high in organic POTASH with high organic PHOSPHORUS blended with the right amount of organic nitrogen. This combination help "finish'" the fruit and build quality in the crop. It will keep better, taste better and will have higher sugar and more dissolved solids, which are indicators of better quality. POTASH RICH can be used foliar during the fruiting Stage. Nutrients are immediately available and the response is very fast. POTASH RICH a great starter fertilizer for any type of seed. It provides the nutrients, trace elements and organics needed for deep rooting and quick establishment of the new plants. POTASH RICH is an organically blend supplemented (Bio-Enhanced) with natural extract. Our natural nutrient package derived from plant extracts, cow dung, Seaweed, Humic Acids, naturally occurring minerals and Molasses. This gives you additional traces vitamins, bio-stimulants, and trace elements including vitamins.

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